Breast Feeding


“Rosalba is knowledgable, compassionate, and helpful as a lactation consultant. My daughter and I were having difficulty with breastfeeding after we came home from the hospital. Getting her to latch properly was particularly difficult, and breastfeeding became very painful for me. My daughter’s tongue was not working properly, and Rosalba showed me techniques and ways to feed her that helped both of us. On the initial consultation I fed her without pain, which was such a blessing! With practice, my daughter and I have become a successful team, and now she is feeding correctly, gaining weight, and thriving. I was concerned that I would not be able to breastfeed her, but with Rosalba’s help I am successfully feeding her! I would highly recommend Rosalba to anyone that is having difficulty with breastfeeding. She is accessible – she met with me the same day I called! She is compassionate, and she wants mothers to succeed. THANK YOU, Rosalba!


I would like to recommend a lactation consultant right in our neighborhood! Rosalba D. Gutierrez, MS, IBCLC came to my house last week and helped me tremendously! She spent 2 hours with my son and I, brought her scale and weighed him before and after nursing, and taught me very helpful techniques to help with the pain I was having. She was extremely professional, very warm, and so informative and encouraging. She helped us so much! She even emailed and texted me several times after the session to check on me. I highly recommend her services!


“I was a new mom needing help with breastfeeding. I had questions and concerns about latching, positioning, and the discomfort I was experiencing. Rosalba was thorough in her assessment and provided me with helpful techniques and strategies to accomplish my goals. She later helped me with developing a plan for returning to work while continuing to breastfeed and pump while away from my son. Rosalba is professional, experienced, warm and kind. I strongly recommend her services for anyone looking for a lactation specialist” -Sarah Northrup

How I met Rosalba:

I breastfed my first child for 8 months and did not experience problems nursing, so when I had my second child I felt I had everything under control. After about 4 weeks I began to get discouraged..the baby was not staying latched on and seemed to be uncomfortable on his left side when nursing. We took him to a chiropractor to have an adjustment and while those visits helped, my nipples still ached and ached and the baby wanted to eat every hour. I had been hearing from just about everyone that I needed to wait him out and he was just “comfort nursing.” That just didn’t seem right to me..he’d be howling after an hour and would eagerly suck for the first few minutes, then seem to tire out. Nights were miserable; not only was I up every hour (hour and a half if I was lucky) but he was incredibly gassy and angry. We bought all kinds of promising colic remedies, but to no avail. Finally I called La Leche League and spoke with a leader who gave me a list of lactation consultants-I wanted to meet with someone personally and nip this in the bud!

Solutions-our saving grace:

Rosalba came to visit us after scheduling an appointment and took the baby’s weight with some additional information about his health and well being. She then weighed him again after he nursed and told me that he was only eating about 2 ounces! Talk about a major heartbreak..I knew from having previously breastfed that he should be eating twice that amount. We discussed solutions and she showed me different breastfeeding positions I could try to help alleviate his gas. She also recommended a gluten, dairy, and soy free diet which I immediately began. This was a HUGE improvement for us-he still slept badly but at least he wasn’t up all night feeling miserable! I also ended up omitting carbonated drinks and eggs from my diet by trial and error. Lastly, she examined his mouth and let me know that she believed he may have tongue tie, a condition that could only be remedied with a small surgical procedure. I had so much information by the end of our visit and she later emailed me additional links with information about tongue tie.

After trying the different positions and new diet, I was still struggling to keep him latched on. I could never get him to lay comfortably on the left side and my nipple was cracked to the point where I could not stand myself without ibuprofen. At this point I was considering weaning him off the breast..I was caving in quickly. Rosalba kept encouraging me and sent me the link to a dentist in the Woodlands who would perform a frenotomy for the baby using a water laser. After reading all the information given to me, my husband and I decided this procedure would be best since the baby was not gaining weight and could not comfortably nurse or drink breastmilk from a bottle. I immediately scheduled an appointment and they got me in the next day! Unfortunately, my husband could not come with me because of work and I quickly realized that there was no way I’d be able to muster through the procedure emotionally. After telling Rosalba, she offered to come with me (what a huge treat!!) and we left the next day together. She gave me so much more information on the specifics of tongue tie in the car-I was truly impressed with how knowledgeable she was on the genetic information behind it. It was obvious that Rosalba loves her job and continues to further her education in order to better help her clients.

We made it to the Woodlands and had the frenotomy done-the water laser was actually painless! I didn’t realize it wouldn’t hurt until the dentist let me put my hand under it. The procedure was done in about 45 seconds.. WOW. I got to nurse my baby and was given detailed instructions on how to syringe feed if we needed to and how to massage the wound so that it would heal properly. While the massaging was no fun, I did begin to notice the baby staying on the breast longer and longer, really swallowing and filling his belly. I woke up one night realizing I had slept 3 and a half hours..I was so confused and didn’t even realize where I was! Then at the baby’s next appointment we were told that he had gained 2 pounds! I let Rosalba know and we were both so excited! Any questions I ever had, she was there to answer. I loved that I could count on her for both educational and emotional support.


We just took him to the doctor today and he gained another 2 and a half pounds! My baby is thriving now and my breastfeeding experience is finally enjoyable and rewarding. Rosalba is truly a God send and I can never thank her enough for getting us all the best information and recommending us to a dentist she trusted. I have given her information to the midwives at the center I delivered at and would recommend her for anyone who is struggling to nurse. Rosalba will be there for you whenever you need help and will get you and Baby the breastfeeding relationship you are working toward.